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Picture Window Installation and Repair

Picture Window Installation and Repair

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Great Lakes Glass installs, repairs or replaces custom picture windows in your homeHomeowners in Northeast Ohio have options when it comes to choosing a company to install a picture window. For nearly five decades, Cleveland property owners have entrusted this work to Great Lakes Glass. We are family-owned and -operated, fully insured, and dedicated to your satisfaction. If you’re looking to beautify your home and accentuate your property with a picture window, Great Lakes Glass is ready to help.

Picture Window Design

Just as their name suggests, picture windows act as a stationary frame that showcases a feature of your home or property. These large, fixed, single-sash panes with low profile frames maximize any outdoor view while also calling attention to interior architectural features. There are no panes to open or close and generally no visual obstructions in a picture window. For those who like both a gorgeous view and access to fresh air, pairing a large picture window with double-hung windows gives you the best of both worlds and creates notable visual interest.

Kitchens, living rooms, and master bedrooms often benefit from the openness and beauty that a large picture window brings to a room. Whatever your view––from mountains to the ocean, a home garden or a cityscape––a picture window will enhance and showcase that view. In effect it’s a borrowed décor element that is brought into the home and a great way to create a gallery-like aesthetic. Whatever configuration suits your interior space, the window experts at Great Lakes Glass can work with you to design the ideal picture window for your home. 

Benefits of Picture Windows

Picture windows offer varied benefits to homeowners, the most obvious one being an unobstructed, expansive view. But there are plenty more to consider. Here are some key reasons why you might want to add a picture window to your home:

Improved Aesthetics

A new picture window allows the outdoors to come in, but without any uninvited elements, like moisture, dust, or insects. Picture windows add far more natural light into the home than traditional windows and make small spaces feel larger and less cluttered while also giving your home’s exterior a facelift. The clean, minimalist style of a picture window is never out of fashion.


Because picture windows are fixed and without moving parts, maintenance and cleaning are minimal. They also offer superb insulation and weatherproofing and are practical in high, inaccessible areas where natural light can enter but windows don’t need to open. A picture window’s ample glass panels also enable parents to keep a close watch on children playing outside and can reduce the likelihood of break-ins.


Picture windows are available in various sizes, colors, materials, and finishes. Various coatings or customizations can increase their efficiency. If you live in a windy or storm-prone area, shatterproof glass or resistant films can be applied to minimize risk of breakage.

Energy Efficiency

Since they are sealed in place and do not open, picture windows naturally offer a high degree of energy efficiency, eliminating air and moisture transfer. Large picture windows do allow solar heat gain year-round, which is a benefit in cold winter months. Optional low emissivity (low-E) coatings can help to further boost efficiency and indoor comfort. High levels of natural daylight reduce the need for artificial lighting and cut down on energy use.

Clearly, replacing your current windows with a picture window allows you to reap maximum impact from a single window replacement. 

Picture Window Repair, Replacement, and Installation

The professional team at Great Lakes Glass can work with you to design a picture window that both accentuates your beautiful view and creates a more harmonious space. From initial measurement and site assessment to ordering and installation, our technicians handle every step of the process. We can also work around site irregularities and design or installation challenges and always adhere to structural and safety standards. Should your window ever crack or break for any reason, we can quickly and efficiently replace it.

Cleveland’s Picture Window Experts

A new picture window can make any room in your home look and feel more spacious and modern. Whether you want a classic or custom look, our experts are here to help. We’re always focused on your needs and deliver quality workmanship that will last for decades to come. Reach out to the team at Great Lakes Glass and take the first step to boosting your home’s aesthetic appeal––get in touch today!