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Patio Pet Doors

Patio Pet Doors

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Patio Pet Doors from Great Lakes Glass in Cleveland

Great Lakes Glass, your local glass experts, are offering Patio Pet Door conversion units. As an official dealer, we’re happy to bring this convenient and efficient solution to our pet-owning customers. Pets are in and out, day and night, and these door systems provide needed relief to both pets and owners. Whatever your schedule, with the Patio Pet Door you can be sure that your pet is comfortable. 

We’re confident that the Patio Pet Door surpasses other readily available models, and here’s why:


The Patio Pet Door insert is minimal and low-profile, built to retain a maximum viewing area and retain sliding door usability. Quality materials ensure that the unit will look good for years to come.


The Sliding Glass Dog Door from Pet Door Products allows your dog to let itself in and out, giving you both much-appreciated freedom.


The Patio Pet Door insert won’t interfere with your patio door’s functioning––it will still slide and lock as designed. Customers can opt for a solid security panel to affix to the pet opening, and can customize the magnetic flap strength.


The panel is made from insulated, dual-paned glass, and weather-resistant vinyl, featuring an energy-efficient, magnetic Endura Flap that shields against cold and heat. The unit is built to adjust to temperature fluctuations. 


Small, medium, large, and extra large pets can all be accommodated. Cardinal IG supplies the insulated safety glass, with a variety of types and tints available. The unit is made in three frame colors: white, light tan, and dark tan.


The unit simply replaces the glass in the sliding door panel of your patio door. The Patio Pet Door insert doesn’t require maintenance or painting and is produced using fusion-welded vinyl. The door itself, pet door, and security insert are easy to use for both you and your pet. 


The Patio Pet Door system is a custom product that allows full use of your sliding patio doors, and is more affordable than similar systems that block door access. Great Lakes Glass can help you determine the best size and style to fit both your needs and your budget.

Once you’ve consulted with a Great Lakes Glass technician and we’ve settled on the ideal model for your situation, the unit will be crafted and will come fully assembled. Our expert installers will take it from there. We are proud to work with Pet Door Products, and are happy to offer their quality, USA-made pet doors to our customers. 

If a Patio Pet Door sounds like the ideal solution for your current situation, or if you have additional questions, please contact Great Lakes Glass for further details.