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Custom Glass Storefronts and Entryways

Custom Glass Storefronts and Entryways

Custom Storefronts and Entryways from Great Lakes Glass in Cleveland

Great Lakes Glass has worked side by side with contractors, architects, and business owners in Northeast Ohio for decades. Our goal is to create innovative entryways and custom glass storefronts that beautify your property while also enhancing the image of your business. For any commercial glass installation, repair, and replacement needs, let Great Lakes Glass be your go-to.

Glass and Aluminum Design

Entryways and storefronts are the first thing potential customers see when approaching your business, so they need to make a strong positive impression. This area also sees constant use and must stand up to the elements. Aluminum and glass are the ideal components for commercial spaces – they offer far more flexibility and durability than other options. 

Because Great Lakes Glass customizes every project, you can work with our designers to ensure that the final product matches the scale and blends seamlessly with the overall aesthetic of your building, regardless of its age. And since glass and aluminum boast a timeless style, opting for these materials in your custom-built storefront or entryway is a smart investment for the future.

At Great Lakes Glass, we only use the highest quality glass and aluminum that will withstand wear and tear and protect your interior during harsh weather conditions. Gaskets, weather sealing, and integrated construction methods ensure stability, strength, and water resistance. Glass glazing options and various aluminum finishes add layers of customization that serve a practical purpose while also enhancing your space and your building’s overall appeal.

The Benefits of Glass and Aluminum Entryways

Providing an eye-catching entrance is a classic way to attract new customers to visit your business. It offers passersby a look at what you currently have on offer and at your interior space with a generous, unobstructed view. A glass storefront also lends a transparent undercurrent to everything your business does, and that impression isn’t lost on customers or employees. 

Aluminum and glass store fronts and entryways offer unparalleled design and traffic flexibility for every kind of business. And whether manual or automatic, doors carefully crafted from aluminum and glass are easy to maneuver and use and naturally require less repair and maintenance. Besides all these benefits, glass and aluminum entryways will always be an elegant choice that beautifies your building.

Why should you use glass and aluminum in your entryway or storefront? Here are a few more reasons:

Energy Use

Aluminum and glass storefronts and entryways allow natural light in, reducing the need for interior lighting; proper insulation in glass storefronts can work to reduce the use of the heating and cooling system and overall energy consumption.

Environmental Impact

Both glass and aluminum are high-strength, long-lasting materials, but if replacement or repair is necessary they can often be recycled.

Installation and Maintenance

For both you and our installers, glass and aluminum entryway and storefront installation and maintenance are more streamlined than traditional options.


From the number and size of panels to the color of finish or type of glazing, it’s all up to you.

Improved Aesthetics

Glass can make any space feel large and inviting, taking advantage of natural surroundings and highlighting unique elements.


Glass and aluminum entryways offer a cleaner aesthetic, resist heat, fire, corrosion, wear and tear, and provide an unobstructed view.

The Great Lakes Glass team is happy to answer any questions you may have about any of the above-listed features and benefits of aluminum and glass construction.

Glass and Aluminum Storefront Installation and Repair

Installing and maintaining glass and aluminum storefronts and entryways is a relatively streamlined operation. The sheer durability of these materials means that the potential for repair needs is lessened. But should your glass and aluminum sustain damage, know that the Great Lakes Glass team is always here to help. We can quickly get your storefront or entryway repaired or replaced and back in prime condition with the least amount of inconvenience to you and your customers.

Great Lakes Glass experts can work with you to fully customize any glass and aluminum construction so that it best shows off your commercial space. From initial measurement and site assessment to finalizing the design and installation, we will keep you informed every step of the way. Our team of experienced installers and technicians takes pride in their work and has the utmost respect for your property, so they are careful and efficient when working in your commercial space.

Cleveland’s Glass Storefront and Entryway Experts

We know that you have options when it comes to choosing glass and aluminum construction services in Northeast Ohio. At Great Lakes Glass, we’ve served this community since 1973 and we always aim to uphold our founder’s high standards. So for customer service that excels, paired with quality workmanship that lasts for decades to come, count on the team of professionals at Great Lakes Glass. We aim to be the local, family-owned glass company that you can trust.

Reach out today and contact us to learn more about our expert, high-quality glass and aluminum storefront and entryway installation, repair, and replacement services – we look forward to working with you!